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Domain Registration

Came up with an interesting name for your business? Go register it with us. You can think of developing a website and other features around it later.

With innumerous domain extensions coming up, registering your desired domain is a tedious task. However, getting a .com extension is almost difficult for any common name you come up with, it’s much more easier to find and register other extensions, a myriad of them have recently been added, that your business is related to.

We have wide range of tlds and you can register or transfer domain name with our cheap price in the industry. Make your mark on the web by registering the perfect domain today! Quickly find and secure your own domain with our simple, fast, and easy-to-use domain search tool. Then, secure it for yourself with prices starting at just Rs.100 per year and you could renew with our notification systems and reminders.


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Our solutions allow small and medium size businesses across the world to take advantage of the benefits of our On Demand IT Infrastructure hosting to improve your business and increase their profits.

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We provide the quality web hosting services with 100% customer satisfaction..

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Our servers provides speed,stability and many more advanced features for developers community. Whether you are increasing the number of visitors, opening new website or using applications that require the use of high-powered resources, with Hosting Collections you can determine at any time the performance of your website according to your needs

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Our world-class hosting solutions are backed by a skilled team of professionals, leading-edge technologies to deliver affordable, flexible, and reliable services to our customers.

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At Hosting Collections, our cost effective, budget pricing strategies are accompanied with innovative solutions to keep our clients satisfied. We strategically and continuously provide our services for business companies, webmasters as well as individuals

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We're a fast-growing, service provider, and our talented team is at the center of everything we do .